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Providing the cutting edge in recombinant protein production

Together with our customers we strive to develop and produce improved biopharmaceuticals.

Considering the conditions of production as early as possible we reduce the time to commence clinical trials - and therefore time-to-market - and the associated costs. Our innovative capabilities make 2nd and 3rd generation biopharmaceuticals become available on a global scale.

Recombinant proteins have become an important part among Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for medicinal products (biopharmaceuticals).

For every medicinal product an effective and efficient production represents a central issue in terms of the production costs and its reduction. But for biotechnological APIs the production technology itself, i.e. upstream- and downstream-processing, can evolve as a real challenge.

The right choice of innovative expression hosts, improved vectors, sophisticated culture and novel purification strategies require state-of-the-art infrastructure, knowledge and experience to yield API of a constant and high quality.