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Expression Systems

A fundamental initial step for development of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and other recombinant products is the selection of the appropriate expression system, which comprehends the combination of the gene of interest, the vector and the host organism. Only the combination of most suited platform elements assures the efficient production of an authentically processed and modified target protein.

Pharmedartis employes a variety of expression systems ranging from microbiological organisms (bacteria and yeasts) through mammalian cells.

Pharmedartis has developed a versatile modular vector system that meets the requirement of particular hosts and the needs of the desired protein.

Over the years Pharmedartis has gained a deep knowledge on yeast expression systems such as our proprietary strains of Hansenula polymorpha or Arxula adeninivorans.

Hansenula polymorpha

Hansenula polymorpha is Pharmedartis’ favourite yeast platform.

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Arxula adeninivorans

Arxula adeninivorans is newly defined yeast platform.

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The CoMed™ system


Your yeast expert introducing the worlds finest pre-selection system CoMed™.

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