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Access to Innovation

The customer of Pharmedartis has access to scientific expertise and innovative technologies on the highest level. Some of it is provided in colloboration with the Fraunhofer IME.

The analytics section represents the tools to characterize Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) with respect e.g. to their structure or physicochemical properties and to identify possible impurities.

In addition, the analytics enable the implementation of quality control methods determing the identity, content and purity of APIs.  

Standard Analytical Methods are available such as those listed in the following:

  • Electrophoresis (IEF, SDS-PAGE, 2-D-DIGE)
  • chromatography (RP-LC, GC, SEC)
  • peptide mapping

A broad range of equipment for more sophisticated in-vitro and in-vivo analysis such as DNA sequencing, microarray technology, 3-dimensional imaging, microscopy, fluorescence and radioisotope image detection, high-throughput cell screening, flow cytometry, real time analysis of biomolecular interactions, protein crystallography, mass spectrometry or thermal analysis is  also available.