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Intellectual property

Pharmedartis is a product developer in the field of biopharmaceuticals, but has already established an intense portfolio of tangible and intangible assets.

  • Broad research expertise
  • Scientific and commercial network
  • Platform of basic technologies
  • Access to a world class research environment
  • Access to state-of-the-art GMP production facility
  • Intellectual property
  • Own product developments: immuntherapeutics and diagnostics

Pharmedartis has access to the following patents by a licensing agreement:

  1. Heat inducible promoter
    CH279/99, WO00/47749, filed in EP, BR, CA, IL, IN, JP, KR, RU, TR, US, CA
    The patent describes the use of the TPS (trehalose phosphate synthase) promoter, a strong heat-inducible constitutive promoter element

  2. Nucleic acid molecule, containing a nuclic acid which codes for a polyptide with chorismate mutase activity
    WO00/65071; filed in EP, BR, CA, IL, IN, KR, JP, US
    The patent describes a method to generate aro7 mutants. The mutants are tyr-, but not trp- as in S. cerevisiae
  3. Method for producing a recombinant protein
    WO00/68400; filed in EP, US, IN, KR
    This patent describes the identification and the use of a certain "Bottleneck gene" of the secretory pathway. Overexpression of this gene results in a reduction of overglycosylation and an improved secretion

  4. Vectors and methods for producing recombinant proteins in fungi
    WO01/385400; filed in EP, KR
    This patent describes a method of rDNA integration. rDNA targeting elements are components of the "universal vector system"

  5. Verfahren zum Herstellen von heterologen Proteinen in einem homothallischen Pilz der Familie Sordariaceae
    The patent describes the use of Sordaria macrospora as platform for heterologous gene expression

  6. Method for recombinant preparation of proteins in Hansenula yeast
    EP 725822, US5672487
    The patent describes the use of a pr-pro-sequence derived from a Carcinus maenas protein that is compatible to the commonly used MFa1 leader.

  7. Recombinant protein expression system
    The patent describes a modular "universal" vector system for yeasts

Four additional patent applications on improved production systems are in the process of being filed.

In the field of Immuntherapeutics and immunodiagnostics several patents are filed or in the process of being filed.