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The Four Business Segments

We provide innovative solutions for the production, characterization and modification of proteins. While we now emphasize on biopharmaceuticals we still like to serve our roots in supporting the Feed, Food and Fine Chemicals companies. Following a hybrid business model Pharmedartis is active in four segments:

Feasibility studies and process development

According to your special needs we select the appropriate production systems. You select from a broad spectrum of production systems (bacteria, yeasts, mammalian cells). Upon your request we will further optimize the selected strains. An in-depth analysis of all process parameters such as media composition, fermentation strategy, up-scaling or development of purification procedures will lead to an efficient production process. In addition, we can develop a full set of analytical methods for you based on most advanced technologies.

Production of recombinant proteins and peptides

Using our proprietary Hansenula polymorpha and Arxula adeninivorans yeast strains or the bacterium E.coli we produce your protein at high efficacy. Several other production systems such as mammalian cells are also available. We offer options of an intracellular or secretory/periplasmatic production. Of course we will also accommodate your favorite working horse.

Intellectual Property and Licensing

Pharmedartis holds a strong and expandable portfolio of patents with respect to protein production. In particular the CoMed(TM) system, for which patent protection was filed, will be established as a new industrial standard for the development of protein production processes. We offer the CoMed(TM) system for use in the development and production of recombinant proteins for various applications such as Biosimilars or novel Immunotherapeutics. Our expertise in the field of Immunotherapeutics is covered by five patent families.

Development of new drugs and diagnostics

The novel Immunotherapeutics by Pharmedartis tackle major indications, but focus also on niche markets with major unmet needs as well. Pharmedartis welcomes partners for co-development or out-licensing in the arena of Imunotherapeutics, e.g. human toxins for specific applications or new molecular entities (recombinant apoptotic substances, immunokinases, immunotoxins) and Immunodiagnostics.