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Arxula adeninivorans

Arxula adeninivorans is newly defined yeast platform. Although it still has to establish itself as production organism it demonstrates a great potential for industrial applications representing an attractive alternative and supplement to the established H. polymorpha system. Comparative expression studies have demonstrated that the A. adeninivorans

Biology and application

Arxula adeninivorans is a species of the Saccharomycetaceae family like all yeasts applied to biotechnology. It is a thermo- and halo-tolerant organism with unusual biochemical characteristics. It can grow on a range of compounds as sole energy and carbon source including n-alkanes, purines and starch. Of particular interest is the temperature-dependent dimorphism and its impact on protein modification with budding yeasts formed at temperatures up to 42 °C, and mycelia at higher temperatures (see figure).

For heterologous gene expression several strong promoter elements are available including the strong constitutive TEF1 promoter that is found to be active in a range of other yeasts. A simple synthetic medium similar to the design of H. polymorpha culture media can be applied to fermentations.

In comparative expression studies the A. adeninivorans was found to be of superior characteristics for the production of recombinant antibodies and derivatives thereof. In case of a certain cytokine the secreted mature protein was found to be correctly processed which was incorrectly processed from the identical precursor in H. polymorpha.

Available A. adeninivorans strains and genetic elements.






wild type

robust established strain isogenic to LS3






 Vector elements



Established strong constitutive promoter element, applied to a range of feasibility studies.



Selection marker


replace the undesired hygromycine selection system